Getting Started in Kleber

Getting started in Kleber is as easy as 1,2,3.

To get started in Kleber you only need to complete 3 simple steps.

STEP 1. Register for Kleber

First you need to register your name and company details to open an account in Kleber.

To register you can either click here OR if you want to find out more about Kleber first – click on the the Learn More page. At the bottom of this page you can click on the “Click here to Register” button.

Note: When you register for Kleber you will receive $50 FREE CREDIT to trial any method you like!


Register for Kleber

Step 2. Get your Request Key and Server Paths

These are client specific and are required to make any Kleber method work.

Once you have registered you will be taken to the My Account area. To access your Request Key and Server paths you need to click on the “Setup Kleber” button. (See the How to find your Kleber Request Key and Server paths page for more detailed information.)


Setup Kleber button in My Account

Step 3. Find the method/s you need and start coding!

Once you have the above information all you need to do is go to the method or methods you want to use, test it out, and then use the sample codes to help you develop the method into your own system!

For a full list of the methods please click here.

Need more help?

Should you need any further assistance with setting up Kleber you can always contact our Client Services team on (02) 9687 4666 or Or use the Support area for guides, forums, etc.

We provided unlimited support and technical advice to all clients regardless of whether you are trialling the product or are a long term subscriber.

What else can I do in My Account?

Your My Account Area can help you with all sorts of things. The four main buttons are:


My Account buttons explained

Setup Kleber – provides you with your Request Key and Server Paths to get you going in Kleber.

Add Credit – where you can sign up to a monthly subscriptions OR add a top up amount if your monthly usage is higher than normal.

Balance & Usage – where you can track & monitor your transaction usage and costs. We recommend watching these daily to begin with to ensure your subscription amount is right for you!

My Profile – where you can change your contact details if necessary.

The Notifications section is worth checking periodically as it will provide information on any scheduled server maintenance, upgrades to data etc.

You can even sign up as an affiliate and earn commission for recommending Kleber. To learn more go to Affiliate Program page.

Note: Please ensure you thoroughly test the use of any Kleber method & are happy with the results before going into production. DataTools is charged by the data suppliers for use of every method – therefore ALL calls to ANY Kleber method will incur a cost. When you register with Kleber, DataTools provides you with $50 free credit to help with development and trialling of the service. Once that credit is used you will need to purchase a monthly subscription and/or top up to continue using the service, even for development purposes. Please check the Method Pricing List for all current costs. DataTools does not warrant or guarantee the quality of the results returned and will not be held responsible for any costs incurred by using a method. Should you have any questions please contact your Sales representative or the Client Services team.

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