Field Mappings in Express Capture

When you install Express Capture into your website it will first attempt to automatically map its address fields to the fields you have on your website and then ask you to test it by entering an address.

Should you find that it is missing a field or hasn’t mapped them correctly – click on the No button and you will be able to manually map the fields.


At the next screen you will be asked to confirm the address fields that are contained on your website. Click on the Pick new fields button beside the set of address fields you want to change


You will then be asked to map (line up) your address fields listed on the left hand side to the Express Capture address fields on the right hand side. You will need to map each field.

First click on the field from your website on the left hand side and then select one from Express Capture fields on the right hand side. Click on Add new field to add the next field in and repeat.


Below are a list of the fields within Express Capture and what they would normally equate to. This will assist you in manually mapping the fields correctly.
















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